Thursday, March 10, 2011


From this day forward, my life & reality will improve tenfold. Ten thousand fold! My desires will be fulfilled & achieved. ALL of my dreams will come true. All the trust & confidence of the world is whirling like a ball of fire within.

Some lyrics I recently wrote for the SILT project:


I’ve been weighted down, burdened with a sickness
Lately looking to myself, answers none to come
Finally discovered what it was had to find
Finally quick-ripped stick out of head, put it down
Moving ever forward, life spins lighting up
Energy pulling from the ashes, eye rise stable live
Destruction brings creation, duality burning on
Cycle we must not forget, trust nature’s changing fires

If you seek the answers, you will surely find
When the searching ceases that is when it will come
Tear the hinges off, embrace what is unknown
For we are that which we are not, become multi-sum
Create and infect, have no doubts we can affect
Belief and love is all we need, sever fear start now
Of a beast of the sea, of a star, of a tree
Must align now from within, bend our will to make us free

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