Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can you say super angle?

This thing is fucking sick. The 220º Nikkor f2.8 6mm, baby. Price from $10,000 (used) up to $34,000. Some photo-blogger named Orio says, "The high price of some lenses is justified not only by the quality of glass and coating, but also by how well the optical design optimizes the aberrations and distortions. A fish eye lens is not corrected. For this reason, you will not see enormous differences between this lens, and the cheaper fisheyes available. In my opinion, spending so much money on a non-corrected lens makes little sense, unless one needs it for his job and can recover the cost with the incomes. For a hobbyist, it is an almost complete nonsense..." Must admit though, it would still be nice to have if $$$ wasn't an issue. Thing is fucking DOPE! (Initially learned of this via Marisa B)

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