Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wrote this back in July sometime. I hate July. Always have. I always get shit on in July. Anyway, just found this & it relates to the present so...

Awaking to find this consciousness a reality
is the real nightmare.
I keep imagining your eyes
of truth and sincerity and tears
of what it means to be vulnerable and human
on the day you told me
didn't have a choice because
were in it for life.
For life.

Then I imagine us now
in our separate spaces
our eyes vacant and blank
staring into nothingness
shocked, stunned, stagnant
void of all vitality.

Just vitals.
A beep every few seconds

signifying a heartbeat

where one once was.


I also thought this image really captured my mood. Fucking beautiful. Love the detail. "Despair" by Carl Ray

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