Monday, April 19, 2010

Fading Pasts

The past doesn’t seem to be so much in my foresight as it used to be. That’s not to say that I’ve forgotten it or all its vast lessons, but it’s not as fresh on my palette now as it has been in recent years. In many ways I think I’ve let go, and in many ways that has been a lesson in moving on. In the past, I always told myself I wasn’t dwelling, but looking back from this vantage point, I suppose a lot of the time I was. It’s not unhealthy to glance back from time to time, but not so much that we get caught up in it or live for it, hoping it will someday magically return. It’s not healthy to shut it out either, for it will surely resurrect and potentially show itself with unforeseen ugliness if we do. The past is organic and sometimes we must let it rot as with all things organic.

The advancing and enlightening energy flowing in and around my existence as of late is staggering. What’s more is that even though logically the only way to go from here should be down, it seems I can only go up. Ascension is imminent. And on this path of newness, stimulation and gratification are in high abundance and plentiful as ever. Never before have I felt so in tune with myself and with my worlds, both externally and internally. And never again will I look at these worlds through these eyes in the same manner for the rest of my years on this big ball of water and dirt.


Kat David said...

I enjoyed reading this. I've also learned to let go recently....It's a refreshing feeling.

Luman said...

Glad you enjoyed. No doubt, no doubt - it certainly is.

Dwayne said...

"The past is organic".... I like that.