Thursday, December 10, 2009

Regarding Fall 2007

That autumn not much mattered.
There was an endless fountain
of booze
thanks to my roommate's twenty-something thousand dollar loan.
The only tests we had
were that of psychological and physical stamina.
Drinking was our study time and
our instructor:
the drink.
Deathly crystal clear
always the worst.
Glowing, smiling caramel
always the best.

I could never say, "No."

Most nights we'd have a blast
plastering our deepest
and drunkest
words and actions
onto the faces and minds
that happened to show up
and fall victim.
We owned that fuckin' place.

Some nights we relegated to the woods
the bright, crackling fire as our night light.
Strangers would appear
out of the darkness.
It was neutral there
and we hated it that way.
It opened too many doors
for idiot morons
coming in
ruining the vibe.
We didn't own that place.

Other nights

when it was quiet

we would talk philosophy
and suicide.

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