Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Never the Same

Sometimes I wonder if you knew something I didn’t.

Something we didn’t.

Looking at pictures of you, I can almost see it in your eyes.

I wish I could talk to you.

I wish I could pry behind those eyes.

I wish I could ask you why.

As always, I have my opinions.

I have my suspicions.

None of my shit matters though

‘cause we may never know

and your physical being

and your reasons why

exist only in realms

of non-existence


I love you.

I hate what you’ve done.

But I can’t judge… for once in my life.

Living… really… is a choice.

As is dying.

I just hope for you

you’re better off dead

than you were alive.

Has the pain subsided?

I hope so.

I’ll always miss you.

Wish you could’ve just pulled through.

Fuck, Shannon.


Jason D. Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kat David said...

Sorry, Luman. That (above) comment by Jason_Hunter was me. I'm on my friend's computer and forgot to log him out.

She will be missed.